Labourers Together With God – Feb. 17-19, 2014

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With America turning its back on God and becoming such a divided nation, we as servants of the Lord must labor together with God, to provide a message of hope and stability. It is our desire and prayer that the preaching, singing, and the fellowship will inspire us to a greater sense of togetherness in a world so divided.

Pastor Randolph


Dates: February 17-19, 2014
Host: Cornerstone Baptist Church
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor: Pastor Terry Randolph


Phone: (602)-867-2700
Address: 4041 East Phelps Road Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Cornerstone Baptist Church Website


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Pastor Jeff Ables
Berean Baptist Church  |  Springfield, MO

President Sam Davison
Heartland Baptist Bible College  |  Oklahoma City, OK

Pastor Kevin Folger
Cleveland Baptist Church  |  Brooklyn, OH

Dr. Dave Hardy
Bible Baptist Church  |  Stillwater, OK


Evangelist Dave McCracken
Southwest Baptist Church  |  Oklahoma City, OK

Pastor Scott Naill
Faith Baptist Church  |  Wesley Chapel, FL

Pastor Kerry Nance
Southside Baptist Church  |  Tampa, FL

Pastor Dan Tidd
Lighthouse Baptist Church | Indianapolis, IN


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