Aaron-DensonAaron Denson – Moderator

Aaron Denson began his ministry under Bro. Dave Hardy in Tulsa, OK. Once his internship was complete the Lord moved Bro. Denson to be the Youth Pastor at Arden Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX.

God used his determined and patient leadership after being a youth pastor to be the Senior Pastor at Highland Baptist Church in Hobbs, NM and Bethany Baptist Church in Lubbock, TX. After all these years God has seen fit to move Bro. Denson back to Amarillo where he was the youth pastor for six years. God is now doing a great work at Arden Road Baptist Church with Aaron Denson as their Senior Pastor.

He and his wife, Jerrie, have three sons (John, Josiah and David) and four daughters (Abigail, Lauren, Emily and Amber). Each of whom are a delight.

Dan-PrestonDan Preston – Vice Moderator

Dan Preston began his ministry at Liberty Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX where he served on staff for eight years. In December of 2006, God called him to pastor Windsor Baptist Church in Windsor, CO. Bro. Preston led Windsor Baptist Church through several tragedies and the church grew tremendously under his leadership.

After serving as Senior Pastor in Windsor for 9 years the Lord called Bro. Preston to Pastor in Lubbock, TX at Bethany Baptist Church. Bethany Baptist Church has an excellent heritage and now God is using Bro. Preston’s disciplined leadership to continue the work.

He and his wife Lisa have two boys (Keith and Gabe) and two girls (Karisa and Kaylee).

Pete Montoro – Secretary

Bro. Montoro is the current secretary of the GIBF Advisory Board. Bro. Montoro started and is the pastor of Open Door Bible Baptist Church.

Wayne-HardyWayne Hardy – Editor, Global Baptist Times

Pastor Wayne Hardy was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on July 20, 1963. His mother led him to the Lord at the age of four. In 1983 Wayne moved to Stillwater and assumed the music director position at Bible Baptist Church. He married Lisa, his high school sweetheart, in 1984, and they served in Stillwater together until 1993. He then went to Bible college where he graduated with a degree in pastoral theology. In March 1999 Bible Baptist Church in Stillwater voted to call him as pastor.

He currently serves as editor of The Global Baptist Times. Wayne and Lisa have three children: Daniel, Samuel, and Emmalee.

Dick-WebsterDick Webster – Missions Director

Pastor and Mrs. Webster were married on December 19,1970. They were saved on January 14, 1973, in Ft. Worth, Texas. Six months later Bro. Webster was called to preach. He entered Baptist Bible College in September of 1974 and graduated in May of 1977. Bro. Webster and his family moved to Goshen, Indiana, where he started the Goshen Baptist Temple. After five years God called Bro. Webster to be a missionary to Argentina where he and his family served for two and a half years. Because of health reasons, God called Bro. Webster to become the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas. Bro. Webster has served as Moderator of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship and is the current Director of the Global Independent Baptist Missions.


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